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Insurance for Hotels

Insurance for Hotels

Protectingyour client's people and business

Tailored insurance and risk management services for hotels

With more and more hotels looking to increase customer value, increase revenue and offer value added services, the requirement for insurance that caters for a unique set of circumstances, such as valet parking, or providing essential property and liability protection, becomes even more important.  It’s because we understand the wide and varied exposures faced by the hotel industry that we can protect your customers against this range of exposures.

From simple to complex risks, all underwritten individually, our hotel products are tailored to meet the customers needs and priorities. Expert risk managers will take the time to advise  on current and emerging risks whilst our dedicated claims team is standing by to provide knowledgeable support if something goes wrong.

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Property Owners Insurance

At Travelers we understand the wide and varied exposures faced by the property owners industry and have designed a bespoke product to protect customers against a range of exposures.

Our bespoke property owners product provides a warranty and condition precedent free policy. It includes extensive and flexible cover, backed up by experienced and knowledgeable underwriters, claims personnel and risk control consultants.

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Public and Employers' Liability

Legal liability is one of the biggest risks a business can face, whether large or small. In today’s increasingly litigious environment, organisations in the hotels sector can face large claims from any number of sources, including their employees, customers and the public.

We appreciate that all organisations are different. That's why our experienced and highly qualified underwriters will work closely with you to develop insurance cover that will meet the unique needs of the customer.

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Business Interruption

business interruption insurance

Protecting key physical assets is essential for creating a successful and sustainable hotel business, and is perhaps the most important protection that a company will buy. It is the cornerstone that helps ensure businesses continues to trade after a disaster.
Business interruption insurance will cover lost profits and the increased costs of running the business that can result from damage to property.

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Risk Management for Businesses

Risk Management for Business

Because prevention is better than cure

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