Business interruption insurance

Our business interruption insurance can help you bounce back after a crisis, like a flood or fire, so your business can carry on until things return to normal.

Small business owner in a suit on his phone in a taxi discussing business interruption insuranceSmall business owner in a suit on his phone in a taxi discussing business interruption insurance

When business is booming, the last thing you need is a burst water pipe flooding your office and stopping you from being able to continue working. 

With our business interruption insurance, we can help you get back to work. If necessary, we’ll help you find new premises to work from so you can carry on while your office is being repaired.

It also insures you against lost business income.

Why you might need it: 

  • To protect your business against lost income and to keep working after a crisis. 
  • To maintain important client and customer relationships while your usual workplace isn’t open for business.  
  • To feel confident that you’re financially insured for the amount of time it’ll take you to get back on your feet.
  • To pay your staff if your income reduces as a result of a loss.

Business interruption will ensure: 

  • you can still pay your fixed costs, like rent.
  • you can pay additional expenses, like extra staff or the cost of alternative premises. 
  • you’re protected against lost business income if your computer equipment or server is damaged or stolen and you can’t work.
  • you’re insured against lost business income if your business equipment and other workplace property is damaged or stolen, stopping you from opening for business.

Fast facts:

  • You’ll be insured for fire, weather damage and theft or burglary to your premises. 
  • You’ll be protected for up to 12 months after the incident happens. 
  • If you take out our office contents insurance, you can also buy business interruption insurance.  
  • You can buy business interruption insurance as part of an office package.

For more details, see our summary of cover document.