7 Steps to a Happier Workplace

Whether you have two staff, or twenty, you need them to be happy in their work if they’re going to help your business fulfill its potential. Studies show that highly engaged staff stick around longer, deliver greater profitability and provide better customer service. So here are some basic steps you can take towards achieving a more contented workplace:

happy workplacehappy workplace

1. Prioritise it.

Make the creation of a happy workplace one of your top strategic priorities. Identify the kind of people you want, find out what they’re seeking from their job and motivate them to give of their best.

2. Invest in your own leadership skills.

Your own actions and decisions hugely influence how other people behave within your organisation. By improving your own skills, you can encourage in others the behaviours and characteristics you want from them.

3. Make it meaningful.

Share your vision and give your people a valuable role within it. Not all their responsibilities will make the best use of their skills, but by providing a compelling context for their work, you can inspire them every day.

4. Provide the resources to do a great job.

Make sure they have the right equipment and the right training – leadership as well as technical skills – so they can develop as employees and as individuals.

5. Recognise achievements.

The incentives shouldn’t always be financial. By rewarding people with time off, tickets to events or a free bar tab, you might inspire more loyalty.

6. Use Philanthropy.

Good businesses give back to their communities, whether by taking part in charitable events or sponsoring worthy causes. And there’s a lot of evidence that philanthropic activities improve employee morale

7. Have fun.

Enjoyable teamwork activities – job related or otherwise – will give your people a more positive view of their workplace and help them get to know each other better. Monthly art sessions, cooking nights or music activities can all build camaraderie.