50 things you didn’t know about Travelers

Insurance is more interesting than you think. Find out more in 50 fast facts.

Baker in her busy kitchen decorating biscuits with confidence because she has small business insuranceBaker in her busy kitchen decorating biscuits with confidence because she has small business insurance

You may know that over the last 160 years, we’ve insured a number of famous places and faces and that we’re one of the oldest insurance companies in the US. But there’s more to us than that. Here’s 50 fascinating facts about Travelers:  

1. We insure over one million small businesses across the globe

2. That includes 1,000 hardware stores…

3. 1,000 florists…

4. 200 children’s toy stores…

5. 24 hat shops…

6. 150 greengrocers…

7. 3,000 clothing retailers…

8. 200 fishmongers and

9. 1,000 cake makers. That’s a lot of cake.

10. We insure bakers too. Bread is still one of the UK’s favourite foods with nearly 12 million loaves sold every day (FAB – the UK Flour Advisory Bureau).

11. Travelers Group has more than 30,000 employees and more than 150 years of experience in the industry.

12. We issued our first accident insurance policy in 1864. Exclusions included: “dueling or fighting… war, riots or invasion…accidents happening while the assured is in a state of intoxication, or riding races, or by wilfully exposing himself to unnecessary danger or peril.

13. Our first loss ever was on a small bakery fire in 1855.

14. We insure over 300 bike shops. Based on average sales, that’s more than 500,000 wheels.

15. In the UK, we’ve been writing kidnap and ransom insurance since 1977.

16. And we insure will writers. Only 47% of people in the UK have written a will (WillAid).

17. We insured our first small business in the UK in 1990. It was Cambridge Computer Graphics Ltd.

18. Since 2006, we’ve been included in Fortune magazine’s annual list of the World’s Most Admired Companies.

19. Travelers Syndicate 5000 at Lloyd’s insurance market was an insurer of TerreStar-1, the largest satellite ever made for the purpose of telecommunications.

20. We also insure over 2,000 dog groomers…

21. about 250,000 sole traders…

22. over 9,000 consultants…

23. and around 1,200 headhunters.

24. On the topic of new jobs, we also insure career advisors. The three most desirable jobs in the UK are author, librarian and academic (Independent).

25. We developed the first-ever automated fraud detection system and the first policy to protect people banking online.

26. In 2007, we opened a cutting-edge training facility, the Claim University in Connecticut.

27. In 1953, we developed an automobile simulator for driver education.

28. By claim volume, Storm Sandy was the largest storm in our history. Storm Sandy resulted in losses of $669m after-tax ($1.024bn pre-tax).

29. We also insure town planners. There is evidence town planning dates back to the third millennium BC.

30. In the 1980s, we provided a bond for the restoration of the Statue of Liberty.

31. But we were involved with Lady Liberty long before that. In 1883, we helped with the fundraising efforts to pay for the construction of the statue’s base. Travelers published a coloured lithograph poster that was distributed by our agents.

32. We insure over 1,000 shoe shops.

33. And, we insure cobblers too. Did you know that the average woman owns 20 pairs of shoes (Huffington Post)? Imelda Marcos had 1,200.

34. Bed linen shops are another retailer we insure. But it must be mostly women buying the sheets as British bachelors only change their sheets once every three months (ErgoFlex). That’s only four times a year!

35. We’ve been selling wedding insurance since 2007. In 2015, we insured about 3,118 weddings. We also insure other types of events. About 20,000 policies have been sold since 2007.

36. During World War I, Travelers attracted tens of thousands of men entering the military with special war riders. Many extraordinary claims were paid as a result of the war.

37. And during World War II, Travelers underwrote a number of risks like munitions, bombers, fighter planes and submarines.

38. We’ve offered employers’ liability insurance since 1889. When we started selling it, we also started sending inspectors to manufacturing facilities to evaluate risks and recommend safety procedures to the owners.

39. We insure telescope and binocular retailers. Bird-watching is an incredibly popular pastime in the UK. About three million British people go bird-watching every year (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds).

40. We also insure vets for domestic pets – the UK pet population is estimated to be 58 million (Pet Food Manufacturers Association).

41. Security consultants can also get insurance with us. Which is just as well because in November 2015, there were 37,985 burglaries in the UK (UKCrimestats.com).

42. On a lighter note, we also insure party and novelty goods retailers. The average children’s birthday party costs £135. One in six parents spend over £300 (Netmums).

43. We also insure website designers. The number of websites on the internet reached one billion in September 2014, but since then it’s dropped (internetlivestats.com).

44. One of the more unusual professions we insure is patent and trademark agents. In 2014, 23,040 applications were filed for patents at the Intellectual Property Office in the UK. And 110,838 were filed for trademarks.

45. Another interesting profession we insure is handwriting experts. Did you know that how you write can indicate over 5,000 personality traits?

46. We also insure computer game retailers. The UK games industry is thought to be worth £1.72bn to the UK economy (Association for United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment).

47. And we insure mortgage brokers. The average house buyer is shelling out more than £72,000 as a deposit, according to the Mortgage Advice Bureau.

48. We insure estate agents too. House prices increased by 7.7% in the year to November 2015, up from 7% in October (Office for National Statistics House Price Index).

49. An umbrella first appeared in a Travelers’ advertisement in 1870, just six years after the company was formed. But the red umbrella was first designed as Travelers’ official logo in 1960.

50. And finally, we insure about 1,000 coffee shops. Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with about two billion cups drunk every day (British Coffee Association). Have you had yours yet?