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Risk Control services

Risk Control services

Services to help mitigate business risks

Travelers offer bespoke Risk Management services to customers

Travelers has more than 105 years of safety management experience, industry-leading laboratories for industrial hygiene, fire and forensics, and expertise specific to different sectors.

Consequently, our dedicated risk control team has a record of helping businesses identify and reduce a range of exposures that could cause injury or damage property.

We tailor our guidance to each customer’s concerns, including fire prevention and protection, business continuity planning, health and safety, security, product quality control, occupational road risk, and other exposures.

We strive to provide risk control services at the point of need, whether on site, on demand or online, using innovative software to consult with customers in any location.

When our customers partner with us to understand and manage their risks, they help ensure their success. To support them, we offer free courses through our Risk Management Academy and cover training costs for course materials, certificates (where applicable) and other items. Those who successfully complete accredited courses receive a certificate from the accrediting body (IOSH).

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On-site risk control

Sometimes a customer’s risks are best evaluated in person. To that end, Travelers offers customer site visits, during which we can assess property protection, product safety, occupational road risk, business continuity and the health and safety risks a business poses to employees. We use the results of our risk assessment to develop risk improvement programmes to help customers reduce risks and minimise their impact on operations. 

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online risk control services

The Travelers risk control team offers a wealth of risk management resources online to help customers manage their everyday safety and loss-prevention needs. Customers can peruse our risk management pages on MyTravelers to find a collection of safety and risk management resources including sector guides, technical bulletins, useful checklists, fact sheets, sample forms and webinar replays.  Travelers also has a number of relevant strategic alliances that offer risk management services to our customers.

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Risk control service on-demand

At Travelers, we recognise that when a risk threatens a customer's business, it’s critical to address it quickly and correctly. That's why we've created Risk Control On Demand, a consulting service that provides an easy method for customers to connect with the Travelers Risk Management team. When customers need help managing a risk, they can use screen-share technology to review videos, photos or other media with a Travelers consultant, who then provides bespoke risk management guidance to help them manage the exposure.

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Risk Academy

Risk Academy

Sign up for the Travelers Risk Academy to receive regular risk management insights

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Secure Risk management portal

Secure Risk management portal

Because prevention is better than cure

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Risk Management by area

Risk Management tools

Online risk management content and videos for businesses

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