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Warehousing and Distribution sector

Warehousing and Distribution

Insurance and Risk management for the warehousing and distribution sector

Bespoke insurance and risk management to the warehousing and distribution sector

The warehousing and distribution industry faces numerous and varied risks, from property damage to deterioration of stock. At Travelers we understand the challenges of warehousing and distribution customers and offer bespoke products designed to protect them.

We have more than 105 years of safety management experience and leading industrial hygiene, fire and forensics labs. This equips us to serve warehousing and distribution clients in more than 60 different business areas and provide guidance specific to their specialty, size and level of complexity.

Our customers can depend on the support of a skilled team of underwriters, claims personnel and risk control professionals. Their knowledge, experience and technical ability help businesses identify and reduce exposures that could cause injuries or damage stock, equipment and other property.

Property and Business Interruption

Warehouse Property and Business Interruption

Warehousing and distribution customers have specialised insurance needs. That is why Travelers customers can extend their property damage cover to include property at exhibition (including transit), undamaged property condemned by regulatory authorities, and other exposures. To protect customers against the risks they face when their business is interrupted, Travelers offers network security cover, which provides limited protection to the business following a targeted hacking or virus attack on the insured’s computer or telecommunications system.

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Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance warehouse

Travelers warehousing and distribution liability cover protects our customers from the legal liabilities that arise when an employee or member of the public is injured. We have more than a century of safety management experience, which gives us a deep understanding of the risks that generate liability claims within the warehousing industry. Our dedicated team of risk control professionals can help businesses identify these risks and reduce exposures that could result in injuries. Customers can consult our risk control experts at the point of need -- whether on site, on demand or online.


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Combined Package

Combined Package warehouse

Travelers has designed a combined-package insurance product to meet the needs of our warehousing and distribution customers. It covers a broad array of risks and exposures including property damage, goods in transit, money and personal accident (assault), deterioration of stock. network security, all computer risks, business interruption, employers’ liability, and public and products liability.

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