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Media and Entertainment Insurance

Insurance for the Media and Entertainment Sector

Tailored insurance for the Media and Entertainment sector

When clients in the media and entertainment industry produce a film, shoot a television commercial or host an event, they have to consider many elements before designing a plan for a successful final product - from artistic talent to mechanical equipment. Why should their insurance work any differently?

This specialised field requires specialised thought-out protection. Travelers offers dedicated media and entertainment expertise, as well as bespoke products to accommodate a wide range of exposures, depending on your client’s needs. Our products, including the Travelers Media Production Package, Advertising Agents’ Package and Event Cancellation Policy, remove the worry from potential risks, so these clients can focus on their craft.

If an unfortunate event happens, the insured can trust Travelers to be there: Our skilled claims professionals provide focused support at every step; from acknowledging the claim to settling it, and our consistently high credit ratings prove our financial strength.

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Film and Television producers

Film and Television producers

If clients want to protect their production cast, sets and liability during a film or television production anywhere in the world, the Travelers Media Production Package will make sure they’re covered when the cameras roll. We offer bespoke cover for film negative and digital media, x-ray damage, mechanical breakdown and other scenarios beyond the control of the policyholder. We can also offer worldwide cover, family bereavement and a range of optional extensions covering situations such as unforeseen strikes and power failures.

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Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies face a range of risks when making commercials. The Travelers Advertising Agents’ Package protects them with combined insurance for risks, property and liability. Whether your client is trying to replace wardrobe items, safeguard negatives in the months following a shoot, or repair a commercial vehicle damaged during production, Travelers can meet their needs in any location worldwide. Our package is tailored to your client’s risk profile and offers a flexible premium scheme to meet their changing needs.

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Event cancellation

If your customer planned an event that must be cancelled or cut short for reasons beyond their control, the Travelers Event Cancellation Policy reimburses their related costs, expenses and lost profits. We cover events worldwide, from awards ceremonies and conferences, through to product launches. In addition, we offer a menu of extensions to customise policies for conditions ranging from adverse weather to terrorism. Policies are available to cover either individual events or all events held during the course of a year.

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Tailored Media and Entertainment products

Tailored Media and Entertainment Insurance

Our Insurance and Risk Management services

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