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Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance


Kidnap, Ransom, Extortion and Threats

Travelers has been writing Kidnap and Ransom insurance since 1977 and, as a result, has one of the most experienced underwriting teams in the market place. Being well established insurers in this niche market, we have a track record for innovation, expertise and providing a service that is bespoke to the clients individual needs.

The safety of your client’s employees and associates is paramount. Kidnap and Ransom cover is a specialised insurance that gives peace of mind to the clients that conduct business in high risk countries. 

Dealing with a kidnap and ransom can be costly and can expose the client's organisation to potential legal action from employees and their families. However, kidnap and ransom insurance can reimburse ransom and associated costs, as well as providing access to valuable expert consultants who can advise on managing an insured event.

Along with the benefits of the experienced Travelers underwriters through our Kidnap and Ransom policy,  your clients will gain access to Travelers exclusive crisis management team, Constellis. Collectively the group is the world’s largest dedicated risk management service and can provide 24/7 assistance in more than 30 countries. The policy also provides clients with an introductory call with Constellis, to establish a tailored plan in the case of an event and the preventative measures clients take to ensure the best outcome to an incident.

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Crisis Management Services

Kidnap and Ransom crisis management

Constellis is retained by Travelers to provide Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Crisis Management Services. 

Constellis has over 10,000 employees operating in more than 30 countries. Their global footprint and project experience affords outstanding local and regional knowledge,excellent local contacts and language capabilities. 

Constellis provide 365 day a year 24/7 response and are the world's largest dedicated risk management company.

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Protecting businesses' most important assets - their people

kidnap and ransom crime

In today’s uncertain political climate, conducting business internationally has become more dangerous. 

Any business whose employees travel domestically or overseas, maintain offices outside of the UK and Europe, have trade secrets that are vital to the organisation or simply use computers, may need a comprehensive K&R policy coverage. 

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Kidnap and Ransom coverage examples

Kidnap and Ransom coverage

Our suite of products includes Emergency Political Repatriation; Mysterious Disappearance: Business Interruption; Cyber Extortion – Business Interruption; Express Kidnap: Hostage Crisis; Product Loss.

We can accommodate coverage for all of these issues, as well as political evacuations, hostage crisis events and so-called “express kidnap”. 

Personal Accident cover is also provided as the result of an insured event.

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Download Kidnap and Ransom Proposal forms

Download Kidnap and Ransom Proposal forms

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